Your feet regulate the temperature of your whole body. When your feet are cold, you often feel like your entire body is cold no matter how many layers of clothing you are wearing. If you do not want chilly feet to ruin your day there is a solution. The name of the solution is Thermosoles.

Thermosoles, which are manufactured by popular manufacturer Verseo, are insoles that give the warmth you are craving with heated technologies. Thermosoles are the first ever wire-free heated insoles and are extremely easy to use. Find out more about Verseo’s Thermosoles and get the warm feet you need to feel warm throughout the day no matter the conditions.thermo soles

Thermosoles Product Description

Thermosoles are made of six layers of ultra-thin heat-preserving material that will deliver radiant heat. The lining does not only have circuitry to keep you warm, it also will provide support and cushioning like the standard insoles do. The fabric maintains a constant heat of 98.6 degrees so your body heat will be regulated without ever getting too warm.
heated insoles
The heating circuitry in the insoles are powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries are completely safe and can hold weights up to 440 pounds. Charging times range between 3 and 4 hours and the insoles will deliver heat for up to 8 hours on a single charge. The batteries are leak-proof and are safe for the environment so you can reduce your carbon footprint on the planet without having cold feet.

If you are worried about sizing, do not fret. Verseo Thermosoles comes in 5 different basic sizes for women and men ranging from S to XXL. You simply choose your shoe size and order the size that corresponds with this size. The insoles can be cut down to fit your shoes so your comfort is never compromised. Simply cut the insoles with a pair of your scissors at home and you have customized insoles that deliver heat.

The insoles are equipped with a PCB board thermostat, fabric lining, polyurethane bottoms, a lithium-ion battery, an LED lamp, insulating fabric, and heat preserving synthetic material. The smart design of the Thermosoles will certainly help you when you are outdoors. If you are planning a day outdoors in the cold, stay warm and comfortable while you enjoy Mother Nature and invest in your own pair of wire-free insoles that will deliver the heat you wish you had.